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About us

Many people tell me how lucky I am to be living in Spain. They see how much I enjoy the peace and tranquillity, how I have the time to live and work. That I enjoy myself every day with little or no stress. To be honest I think its a choice rather than luck. The luck was that I did it when I did. Things are not as easy now, with the advent of Brexit. When I came I could come, buy or rent and be almost guaranteed residency without having to show a Nest Egg or get medical insurance. If I had wanted to try before I bought so to speak, I could have stayed for 182 days before anything needed to be done paperwork wise. Now that is halved.

This is not my first business, each has one thing in common, making the complex simple. I had a think about how I could help other people achieve their dreams with the minimum of ££ and the minimum of hassle. Full time living in Spain may not be on the cards for you but what if I could make it easy to live here part time. So I did.

First I worked out the sticking points:

All this is done by Mediterrano. All you need to do is choose which property is right for you along with your budget, we will help with everything.

See the How It Works page for more details

Who am I

Portrait of Helen Llewellyn, of Mediterrano I am Helen. I grew up on a farm in Devon, which I loved but there was no time to yourself and a serious lack of different people to talk to. For 20 years I was an insurance broker, I translated insurance jargon into phrases that made sense to my clients, then translated real world situations into insurance jargon to get the policies written to the advantage of my client. Just about to start my 50th year I specialise in creative thinking or thinking around corners as I like to put it. There is always a way and a choice.

If you think you can't spend a significant part of your year in Spain please give me a call and I will do my very best to hatch you a plan. A word of warning, only call if you really want to do it. I am pretty good at making people worries disappear and their dreams come alive.

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