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Equity Release

The memories that you have made at your your Spanish home will stay with you forever. If you no longer use it as much as you would like you might like to sell a share. You can use it as much as you like. If you think you will spend half your time here we suggest you only sell a ¼ share. That gets you wiggle room for changing things around a little. So if your home is worth £160,000 you would get £40,000 cash for selling a ¼ share.

The buyer would book in with when they want to be here. You get first dibs on the dates you may want to use it for 75% of the year. You can sell a bigger share if you wish.

How equity release works

All the furniture and fixtures stay at the house including cups, glasses, microwaves, TVs etc. The other owner will share all of the costs including IBI (property tax), electric, gas, breakages and of course maintenance. Mediterrano can help you arrange maintenance too, although you are welcome to use the people you usually use, if you wish.

Please do check with a tax advisor before doing this as there may be implications for Capital Gains Tax and/or Income tax for you.

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