Mediterrano - How it works

How it works

Co-owned second homes are as the phrase suggests, a property where up to 8 people own and use it. You each get to use it in proportion to the size of share you have. ⅛ = 45 days ¼ = 90 days and ½ = 180 days

No need for visas. No need to become fiscally resident in Spain. No requirements for health or money in the bank.

There are three main stages.

  1. You decide that you would like to own and use a property in Spain
  2. I show you a couple that you might like then organise the paperwork
  3. You say Yes, pay your money and then come over as and when you like using the central booking system.

Ok there are a few more ins and outs to it but not many, not really. We have tried to make everything as easy as possible. We know that you are busy and want clear information and a helping hand.

We feature 2 properties each season. A big one and a little one. Other options may be available so fill this form in to tell us what you would like Property Information Questionnaire

You are welcome to come over in person, see the property and the surrounding area or we can do a video tour and chat with you. We only do live video tours, rather than recorded ones. Then you know that what you see is what you get and you can ask questions and see exactly what you want to see.

There are 2 payments: the share purchase price which includes home purchase taxes and the legal fees and the monthly management fee. The monthly management fee is again proportional to your share. It covers the electric, gas, water, maintenance, key holding, booking system and cleaning along with our time for doing so. Copy bills will be sent to you, no markup is added.

We provide you with a house budget so that you can see the predicted monthly costs for the next year.

If you like what you see you pay a £100 deposit to register your interest. This is refundable if we cannot find enough people to buy the other shares, or you can transfer it to another property.

Once we have takers for all of the house shares we ask you each for a power of attorney to buy the house on your behalves. We go to the notary, buy the house and add your name to the title deeds then send you a copy. The power of attorney will extend to the management of the property too.

We will give you access to the booking page to choose your stays at the property. This includes information on the 90 days in 180 day rule and how to calculate it, so that you stay within the law.

A few days before you are due to arrive the door access code will be sent to you via email and WhatsApp.

If you have chosen to use the concierge service – perhaps so that your bikes and bedding are there or to organise a food delivery, we will confirm that the requested arrangements have been made.

You arrive and enjoy your second home. If there are any breakages or anything is needed to keep the home in beautiful condition you let us know and we make it happen.

Enjoy your co-owned second home. You can sell it or pass it on as an inheritance any time. For full terms and conditions just ask.

Should another owner want to sell their share, the other owners will have first dibs on that share. There is no obligation to buy but you will know how much you love the place and whether you would like to spend even more time there.

You probably have more questions. Our FAQ may answer them or feel free to email on or WhatsApp call or message on +34 744 60 96 30 We are English and speak some Spanish too.

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